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Publicaciones m√°s relevantes // Most relevant publications

1.- Nogués-Pedregal, A.M. (2019): Anthropological contributions to tourism studies. Annals of Tourism Research, vol. 75, págs. 227-237. Accepted manuscript available in Research Gate OR

2.- Nogués-Pedregal, A.M. (2015): Etnografía bajo un espacio turístico. Sus procesos de configuración. El Sauzal, Tenerife: Pasos edita. [ISBN 978-84-88429-27-8]

  • Maximiliano Korstanje in his book review published in International Journal of Tourism Anthropology (Inderscience) writes: ‚ÄúIn this difficult context, Nogu√©s Pedregal‚Äôs book one more time exhibits a fertile ground to think seriously in the fields of tourism research […] Dotted of a vast trajectory in ethnographies Nogues Pedregal crystallises his experience in this book, which poses as a must-read project for tourism-students, ethnographers, practitioners and social scientist interested by the effects of acculturation prompted by modern tourism‚ÄĚ.

3.- Nogués-Pedregal, A.M. (editor) (2012): Culture and society in tourism contexts. Bingley (UK): Emerald Group Publishing Limited. [ISBN 978-0-85724-683-7]

  • Preface : ‚ÄúThis PDF is ¬© Emerald Group Publishing Limited and is provided for your own personal use only. It may not be used for resale, reprinting, systematic distribution, emailing, web hosting, including institutional repositories/archives or for any other commercial purpose without the permission of the publisher‚ÄĚ

4.- Nogués-Pedregal, A.M. (2012): El cronotopo del turismo: espacios y ritmos. Revista de Antropología Social, 21: 147-171, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. [ISSN 1131-558X]

5.- Traducción de Lidiar con turistas. Reacciones europeas al turismo de masas (Jeremy Boissevain, Ed. Bellaterra, Barcelona, 2011) [ISBN 978-84-7290-554-2]

6.- Nogués-Pedregal, A.M. y F. Checa Olmos (Coords.) (2011): La cultura sentida. Homenaje al profesor Salvador Rodríguez Becerra. Sevilla: Signatura ediciones. [ISBN 978-84-96210-92-9]

7.- Nogués-Pedregal, A.M. (2009): Genealogía de la difícil relación entre antropología social y turismo. Pasos. Revista de turismo y patrimonio cultural, 7(1): 43-56, Universidad de La Laguna. [ISSN 1695-7121]

8.- Nogués-Pedregal, A.M. (Coord.) (2003): Cultura y turismo. Signatura Ediciones de Andalucía. Sevilla. [ISBN 84-95122-57-X]


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